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Faux wall finishes is the easiest most economical way to dress up your walls and ceilings. You may ask how do I decorate all my flat white walls? Here is the answer. Faux wall glazing. These faux finishes are considered, color washes, glazing,  faux leather, suede and  tea stain finishes. Formerly, known as sponging, ragging, and color washes, the new style of faux glazing incorporates the use of Italian aging glazes to achieve a natural organic finish. We use stipples to remove the translucent glazes leaving a very soft faux finish with open movement. This produces a fabulous interior design element which is a back drop to your furnishings and art, creating a soft warm finish for your walls.  View our faux finish glazing gallery below.

Before     After



Simply add texture with an accent of blue suede!  Other picture to right incorporates both blue and yellow tones.


          Ralph Lauren Suede     Faux Suede paint
    Art Work done by Parkhurst Creates a trusted partner.