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Want to replace your boring white doors with expensive wood ones?   Have us Faux your doors instead. The faux wood  finishes are hand applied to create rich and  beautiful faux wood finishes.  All these doors were fauxed to create an updated look to  simulate real wood and its characteristics  . Any color tones can be created mimic any type of wood, like mahogany, walnut, maple, or cherry.  We use brushes and tools to draw in natural wood grain and the dimension we create is amazing.                    

        Standard  interior  Door  Before               Same Door fauxed to beautiful wood tones

The picture before faux doors, Below are the grained faux wood doors

Faux  wood Doors done with faux with sophisticated faux wall painting

Standard White doors above, Fauxed to simulate wood and graining

    Many layers of stains and clear coats, create a stunning change from white


    Typical front door painted  before wood faux techinique is applied    Front door faux finished to look like wood with wood graining

Wood graining in rustic door                                                                                                                       faux wood front door