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 Do you have a banister or kitchen cabinets that are out of date? The faux wood technique could be  your answer Faux Wood  is created by using various colors of stains, and lacquers. We can incorporate, wood graining, multi dimensional tones,  hand painted graining to simulate any type of wood imaginable. We do this on kitchen cabinets, staircase banisters and spindles, faux wood on fireplaces, faux doors, and moldings.  This is a small sampling of some of our finishes

       Crisp white styling with dark island cabinetry.  Cabinets built by  www.macmillworks.com      Custom cabinets built by www.macmillworks.com  
  Custom Cabinets built by www.macmillworks.com  
Restoration Hardware Style: Reclaimed finish. Custom cabinets built by www.macmillworks.com  
   Before:  Dated Oak      After: Dark wood tones
   Before: Heavy grained oak       After: Oak after faux painted to dark wood tones.