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Want truly textured old looking walls? Italian Venetian Plaster is a 2000 year old Italian technique that has been brought back to popularity today. It is a durable finish that creates unique textures to surfaces. Many home owners use Venetian Plaster to revitalize and eliminate the standard orange peel dry wall look that so many homes have today and to create an old world or Tuscany feel to their walls or surfaces.  There are 3 main types of plasters, Veneciano a finish buffed to a shine, Marmorino and Terra which are sandy gritty plaster, and our signature design of a Venetian plaster aged with wax and left matte. Adding sculpted designs, stencils, crackle products or metallic paints are added interior design elements.             

 Smooth yellow veneciano venetian Plaster in Shaddy Canyon  

Grey venetian plaster with pearl metallic wax then sentciled.            

              Italian Venetian Plaster with Metallic                           Italian Venetian Plaster using Metallic

 Venetian Plaster creates texture and is the oldest finish, We apply with the ability to keep a matte finish.